Saturday, May 06, 2006


Well, not really, it's not like I couldn't come up with stuff to write about, but neither Leah or I are currently in hard core knitting mode. Since we don't have "a following", as Theresa calls it, just yet, I guess it's ok, noone's really missing us just yet. We're all busy looking for housing in our respective prospective cities and the only knitting I've done is about three rows of the socks I owe my cousin.
As for the question about the yarn we used for our Ene's scarves, I honestly don't even know. I guess I've hereby revealed myself as a beginning knitter, since all of the yarn types really mean nothing to me, but I'll look it up.
So, patience, blog season begins with The Amazing Lace. For now, talk amongst yourselves.

Sunday, April 30, 2006


That can't be our first post it's so LAME! But since Rachel commented before we could delete it, I guess we have to keep it since we may never get another comment. Theresa is making us do this and now she wants another LINK to her blog.

Now that we have a blog we can finally officially claim our olympic gold medals. Since we both made the same lace shawl, in different colors of course, we will use one medal to represent us both. But just in case you missed the Knitting Olympics here are pictures of our winning projects.

Katja in

Medaling ME!!!

Hi. This is a test. Theresa is making me do this. This blog will be awesome.